Build your army

Not all heroes are good….. Not all heroes want to be heroes. 

What is an uglyhero?

An Uglyhero is an unsung hero, the anti hero. They have blood under their nails and nasty scars. They are misunderstood- but essentially good.
Brigands, outlaws and marauders. Mercenaries, barabarians and asassins.

Mint your Hero here.

Gather your army.


Release 10000 NFT’s  

mint 2000 to opensea 

Give away – 500- friends, family and Discord invites on Twitter 

8000 left – release in 2k phases? Every month for 4 months? 

What would the 2k collection be? Should I focus in on factions? And have 500 drops of specific types like The BlackWatch? 

Jan- 2000 

Feb- 500 (Blackwatch?) 

March- 500 (etc) 


who am i

I am a professional artist who makes videogames for a living. 30 plus years ago I made my first pixel art games on the NES - My love of pixel art and how it has evolved inspired the creation of the Uglyheroes collection.
Created with the same techniques and approach that I pioneered many years ago on games like Robocop, Hook and Jurassic Park.

Countdown to release